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What is the real pleasure of online shopping? Some people say it is a very efficient way to get what they need. Some people say they can gain a sense of achievement when they buy something of great quality and low prices. And some people say they want to pursue this new trend to remain young and fashionable. I can appreciate the true value of high technology and science. We gain huge profit of the rapid development of e-commerce to make daily purchases more convenient. I want to take my online shopping for a pair of men’s prescription eyeglasses as an example.

I am in urgent need of a pair of men’s glasses because I have to buy a new one to replace my old eyeglasses that I have worn for many years. I don’t want to tell others that I am a true fan of online shopping for it is not so good to be a online shopper like a housewife. I have to go out to look for a suitable pair of men’s eyeglasses on local retail stores, although I don’t like the traditional way at all. I can not bear the wordy sales assistants to recommend their products to me in an endless way. Also, the price of the products is so disappointing to a working-class man like me. The result is just as excepted that I only have to come back, empty-handed.

I open the computer, search the Internet and browse the page site carefully. The information of the promotion activities is put on the Internet so that the advertisement can pop up on the screen no matter when we surf the Internet. When I have so many choices, it is not an easy job to make the ultimate decision which one to rely on. However, I believe the true comments left on the message board made by customers about the quality of the products and service of the online stores. At last, I choose the site www.glassespeople.com after a careful comparison. The fashionable men’s prescription glasses are so attractive to me that I place an order very soon. I chat with the service personnel to get to know detailed information about how to protect eyeglasses in order to prolong the service life. A warm-hearted girl gives many tips to me. I express thanks to her and the company.