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Guide for Selecting Sunglasses

A lens color guide
The color of the lens can vary depending on style, fashion, and purpose, but for general use, red, grey, yellow, or brown are recommended to avoid or minimize color distortion, which could affect safety when, for instance, driving a car or a school bus.

Black, gray, or smoke lenses are best for bright conditions- they dim the bright sunlight to ease the strain on your eyes. While the lenses do darken your vision, gray does not alter color, so everything remains the same color. Gray also makes a great lens color for driving sunglasses

Brown lenses cause some color distortion, but also increase contrast. It is dark enough to save your eyes in bright conditions, but brown also improves contrast, clarity, and depth perception. Plus, it really enhances shades of green. Brown does this by filtering out blue light waves

Amber is somewhere between a light brown and a dark yellow lens. Amber-colored lenses are popular among hunters because they provide enhanced contrast when looking at birds and clay targets against the sky.

Red lenses, usually referred to as “rose” or “vermilion,” actually helps to absorb light in foggy or gray conditions increasing contrast and depth perception, a must for high-speed sports in the winter.

Orange and yellow lenses increase both contrast and depth perception. They also increase color distortion. Yellow lenses are used by pilots, boaters, fishers, shooters, and hunters for their contrast enhancement and width perception properties

Clear lenses do not alter your vision, if you’re skiing at night, it’s the only lens color that will allow their eyes to see anything at all.

Green sunglass lenses provide a cool, soothing tone to colors. Though not as popular as gray or brown lenses, green lenses are often used to create the classic look of aviator-style sunglasses.

Blue and purple lenses are not recommended for any use other than fashionable as the color actually serves to increase the contrast-destroying characteristics of blue light.

In a words, you should choose the best color properly on different occasions. If you are riding in a cloudy day, it would be better to wear a red lenses rather than a black one. And the color of your glasses should also go with your personal style. It seems it would be ideal to own several different lenses that you can change your lenses usually.