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How to choose the most suitable eyeglass frames for your needs?

There are many things should be taken into account while we choose glasses frames online. It is all up to your personal likings and dislikings to choose the frames that best fit you. Though it is hard question to answer, there are four primary factors we should consider when choosing eye glass frame.

1. Frame size measurement
Normally, the most import measurement is the total width, which is the distance from hinge to hinge. If the eyeglasses have similar total width as your old pair, it will fit you well. We recommend our customers select the frame size similar to their existing ones to achieve the most comfortable wear.

2. Choose a frame that matches your skins tone
In general, choosing a frame color that is consistent with your skin tone is always safe. People with the warm skin tone normally look good in the frames in colors like gold, copper, orange, red and yellow. For people of cold skin tone, frames in black, brown and blue will be good choices.

3. Choose a frame match your facial shape
It is a general rule that one should choose the frames with the shapes opposite to your face shape, for example, round frames work well with squared faces. Besides, long face people are recommended to choose Dark-colored frames, short face people are recommended to go with Rimless frames. For asymmetrical faces, Dark-colored plastic material frames are a perfect choice. Actually, there is no always a rule. We have our own personalities and sometimes that do work out very well.

4. Frame material
When buying glasses for your kids, keep in mind the fact that the glasses are meant for kids, durability and safety should be taken into account besides colorful, stylish and funky factors. In most cases, bendable titanium frames and plastic frame are recommended for kids, titanium frames are recommended for high-prescription people for they are very lightweight.

Glassespeople.com carries thousands of frame styles including plastic frame, metal alloy frames, titanium frame, and flexible frames and so on. They are increasing and updating in-stock styles every month. Their frames are private label generic eyeglasses frames which are high quality and trendy, yet can be obtained at a low and pretty affordable price. Most of our frames are made of plastic, metal alloy, memory metal and titanium, which are light weight, durable and comfortable to wear.