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How to Protect Eyeglasses?

For people wearing eyeglasses, it is important to know how to protect their eyeglasses, and to know what is the proper method to use and clean their eyeglasses, so that their eyeglasses can be used for a longer time with a clearer view and greater comfort.

Here are some tips for eyeglasses wearers to keep in mind.

First, keep the habit to clean your eyeglasses everyday. Some people may think that it is not necessary to clean their eyeglasses everyday; instead, they only clean their eyeglasses when they are dirty and have blurs or spots on the eyeglasses. But cleaning your eyeglasses everyday can lengthen the durability of the eyeglasses by getting rid of oily smudges or spots on the eyeglasses. Remember to clean the eyeglasses with a soft pure cotton cloth or preferably, it is advised to use the cleaning cloth especially designed for cleaning eyeglasses. What’s more, remember to clean the eyeglasses when they are wet not when they are dry, because cleaning the eyeglasses when the eyeglasses are dry can cause considerable harm to the lenses. When you clean your eyeglasses, it is suggested that you use the eyeglasses cleaning solution. If you lack the eyeglasses cleaning solution, you can use fresh water.

Second, care for your eyeglasses. It is important to use, handle and sore your eyeglasses in a proper way, so that your eyeglasses can be used for a longer time. When you remove your eyeglasses from your ears, remember to remove it with both your hands, with one ear rails in one hand. Never remove your eyeglasses with one hand; otherwise, the shapes of your eyeglasses ear rails can be easily bent or twisted. Besides, when you have removed your eyeglasses, make sure to put them in the eyeglasses box with the lens sides upward. Don’t put your eyeglasses down with the lenses downward, this way; your lenses can be damaged. If your eyeglasses are not going to be used for a long time, store them away in an eyeglasses box.

Third, keep an eyeglasses repair kit at hand. It is easy for your eyeglasses to have some minor problems, so it is useful to have an eyeglasses repair kit at hand, though you may not repair all the damages to your eyeglasses with merely an eyeglasses repair kit.

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