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Need AR coatings for your prescription glasses?

Today, people need to wear eyeglasses for various purposes, not only just correcting their vision problem, some guys wear them for a stylish look, some need a pair of prescription eyeglasses to eliminate the Fluorescence light and reduce the strain on the eyes when they are working at office all day, and when it’s summer, you absolutely have to prepare sunglasses or prescription sunglasses when you are coming out of your house. However, when we are ordering such prescription eyeglasses online or at local stores, one question is always asked by the vendors, “do you need to add a special anti-reflective coating for your lens?” actually, the answer depends on the indications and usage you want, but generally it is Yes!

You may have never heard about that when our eyes are exposed to intense light, some light incident, which may cause eye strain and fatigue, may be allowed to enter our pupils without anti-reflective coating, moreover, some more other eye problem will also be introduced in this situation. If you are a driver, you must notice that your vision always been strongly affected by the glare from the headlights of the opposite vehicles or the surface the road, and it may cause problem sometime, and now this AR coating is essential for your prescription eyeglasses, it helps you get a clear vision of the lights ahead.

Anti-reflective coatings are also helpful for those who need to work long time at computers, as the glare can affect your vision from some specific parts of the monitor, in order to have a clear vision, you always need to strain your eyes, and this excessive strain may cause your eyes irritation or drying up of eye. And such AR-coatings can do the favor for you, provide you a more clear vision. People who need to work for a long time in dim light conditions are also benefit from AR-coatings, in a word, if you need to wear those prescription eyeglasses can reduce eye strain, either you are working at computer, driving or working, AR coatings are necessary for you!

However, I should remind you that you should take good care of your anti-reflective coatings, as they can get fingerprints and be scratched easily, once it happen, it will affect your normal vision, so you have to clean them with special cloth. What’s more, prescription glasses AR-coatings are almost free at many online sites!