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Should I get AR coating for my new prescription eyeglasses?

When you are purchasing new prescription eyeglasses, most sellers will suggest you to buy a pair of prescription glasses with AR coating. Why do they strongly recommend this kind of lenses and should we get AR coating for our new prescription eyeglasses?

Perhaps there will be a question mark appeared in you mind that what is AR coating? Actually, AR coating is also called as Anti-reflective coating or anti-glare coating. They consist of several kinds of layers of metal oxides applied to the lens surfaces. Depending on the formula that different manufacturer used, AR coatings sometimes have a hint of green, blue or purple color due to the layering effect.

Nowadays, AR coating is widely used in the flied of lenses, it has become the simplest, most common and useful coating. It can reduce or eliminate the reflected lights on the lens surface, thus improve the appearance of wearing eyeglasses. On the other hand, if you always spend a lot of time in front of the computer, the AR coating on your glasses can be helpful. After staring at the monitor for few hours, your will experiencing eye strain, the eyes will become very dry and the image will be blurry. Anti-reflective coating can reduce eyestrain and make our eyes more comfortable by reducing or eliminate electronic waves from the computer screen.

Today, eyecare providers offer anti-reflective coated lenses which are superior in scratch- resistance to uncoated lenses, and are very resistant to fog and dust. Remember to pay particular attention to the grading scale offered by your optician when choosing AR coatings for your new prescription eyeglasses. Some may offer a choice of several levels of good, better and best coatings. Of course, the best will be the most expensive one. In my opinion, choosing a middle or higher quality coating is well worth your money. Besides offering excellent vision benefits, they also carry with better warranties with better durability. The lower cost coating may normally will be easily scratched and without free replacement.

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