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The story about kids glasses

My little brother has a dream. He wants to be an astronaut, and you can find a sea of beautiful pictures of spacecraft in his room. Unfortunately, his eyesight is not so good. As we all know, the selection of spaceman is very strict, and excellent eyesight is vital. Now, my brother wears a pair of kids glasses every day in order to adjust and keep his big dream.

Very few kids wear glasses at his age, so at the beginning I am afraid that he might be mocked by other kids because of his special kid’s glasses. But to my surprise, he seems to be quite comfortable with his big glasses, and regards it as a symbol of knowledge and intelligence. He smiled with his cute dimples and handed me a science fiction, he is so absorbed in the universe and mystery of science. And I feel very proud of him.

I love fashion magazines and all the girlish decorations, but I seldom spare a whole afternoon catching something scientific or of deep thoughts. Those superficial things are that wasted a lot of my time. however, I pay little attention to the world of my little brothers. He is sometimes naughty and sometimes strange and all the time stupid. I smiled back and held the book tightly a little. Here stands my little brother, wearing a pair of kid’s glasses and cherishing the great dream of flying into the deep and fascinating sky. He makes me proud.

As usual, my mom drops him first at the school gate and waves goodbye, and I said to him, “Andy, you are sure to be an Einstein!” He turns around, gives me a big V and runs into the classroom, with his kids glasses shining wonderful sunlight.

Yesterday I logged on the Internet and found some new styles of kid’s glasses at
www.cheapprescriptionglasses.net. There’s a wide range of kids glasses and of different functions. You can always find the most suitable ones. But you may see to it that kids need to first go through a careful check and then buy the glasses. These lovely kids may not have good eyesight, but I wish one day, they can all realize their dreams!