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Why and where to buy cheap rimless glasses?

Today, there are so many kinds of prescription eyeglasses on the market, categorized by the frame shape of them, there are basically three types of glasses, full-rim, semi-rim and rimless eyeglasses. Though full ones are emerged much earlier than the two later kinds, they are not out of date at all, and they are still popular among the public. However, when refer to the working class, rimless ones are probably wildly considered to be the best choice! They have no regular frames just as your full or semi-rim glasses, and the two Rx lenses are joined together by the nose bridges using several screws. For the wearer, the most two obvious advantages are the nearly invisible eyesight and their lightweight for wearing. Actually, if not for the ear temples, your vision will be almost as clear as wearing nothing at all!

If you have the experience of wearing regular prescription glasses, you may know that after long time wearing, there are two dents on the two sides of your nose which was created by the nose pads after you took off your eye wears! Actually, it is due to their heavy weight, however, you needn’t to worry about this if you try rimless eyeglasses, there is no frame and less lens material is needed, they are especially lightweight and comfortable for customers to wear!

What’s more, multifunction is another benefit of such eye wears, or we can call it versatile, as no matter if you need them for correct either nearsighted vision or far sighted vision, rimless style is always available. Perhaps, you cannot get light prescription reading glasses in full or semi-rim style, as the edge of this lens is thin, and the optician cannot slot curve around it. But as there are no rims in rimless glasses, this problem doesn’t exist at all. Moreover, progressive or bifocal lenses are also available in this style!

As the trends, you may need to change your eyeglasses style every certain time to keep up with fashion if you wear regular ones, however, rimless eyeglasses will never be out of date or fashion because they are barely there to begin with! The last point probably is their price, which is usually more expensive than the other two kinds with the same lens and frame material, that’s true, rimless ones need more complicated processes and time to complete them. However, online site today is a good place to buy rimless eyeglasses, such as glassespeople.com, which provide customers almost half of the original price in those local stores!